Enterprise Culture
Enterprise purpose: scientific and technological entrepreneurship, quality create brand, integrity management, pursuit of excellence.

Enterprise Concept: Talent is the fundamental business, management is the cornerstone; innovation is the soul of honesty is the enterprise criteria.

Service Tenet: dedicated to provide users with high-quality service and qualified products!

Enterprise spirit: solidarity, determined to open up, go all out with the times.

Enterprise slogan: the future may never go beyond

Quality concept: others do not have my priorities was

People-oriented: kinship-based, harmony-oriented

Marketing concept: draw grid, roots, root

Company policy: professional, focused, concentrate on

Employment concept: stick to one pattern, meritocratic cited

Innovative ideas: mechanism innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation.

Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.

Management concept: service, collaboration, solidarity.

Professional qualities: professionalism, glad, sincerity and dedication.

Business Strategy: Stick to science and technology enterprises, specialization and stronger international.

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