President Speech
     Ringing out the old Year and ringing in the New Year,We say goodbye to the remarkable achievements of 2015 and welcome the holeful of 2016.On the occasion of the New Year’s coming, I, on behalf of the company, expressing my deep appreciation to the entire staff's efforts and hard work, the investors’s sincere trust to our firm , the enthusiastic support of Chinese and foreign customers! I wish you all  harmony, good health, family conde and all the best in the new year!
     Here, thanks to this great era! Thanks for the hard work of all the staff in the whole year!
Sincerity creates cause!
     In face of the good operation of the company during the past 20 years, we should be aware and have ambitious goals.At present, our country's economic ecosystem is witnessing profound changes,China's economy and the world’s has entered a good interaction,such as new financial policy, the WTO in the fourth year of the new competition environment, kicked off a new round of reform of state-owned enterprises,is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges!In 2016,SHUREN will be one important part in the process”To create the international first-class brand,to build China hundred enterprises”,to push industrial development and capital operation,and what will be left is the full business wisdom and diligent footprints of the staff.
     Innovation creates future! Innovation,combination of knowledge and action is the key for Lianyungang Shuren Kechuang Food Additive Co.,ltd’s future.At present,innovation is to improve corporate structure, establish and complete levels, responsibility, the three levels of management system.To increase the intensity of incentive,The implementation of enterprise reengineering and process innovation,a breakthrough in its management and management style,Unity is aimed at different levels, strict requirements on the management, on management practice, master the core on technology, carefully really reasonable strategy, organization efficiency, complete system, process flow, personnel capable.
     The opportunity and the challenge,glory and dream!After the managerment change,base on the excellent enterprise culture,throug implementing diversification and  internationalization development strategy,Shuren will meet a more refulgent day!
     Finally, wish you a happy Spring Festival, good health, family happiness, all the best!

                                                     General Manger:Mingda Li

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