What are the specific related technologies and features of feed grade sodium diacetate that used as additives? Where do they mainly reflected?

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Name: sodium diacetate (SDA)
Molecular formula: C4H7NaO4 and XH2O
Appearance: white crystalline powder or crystalline solid, with acetic acid odor, no toxic, easily dissolving in water and alcohol
Sodium diacetate (SDA) not only has excellent mildew preventive and corrosion preservative effect, but also can enhance the appetite, promote the absorption of the feed conversion, improve the utilization rate of protein in feed. Widely used in fungicide, preservative, flavoring agent, disinfectant, and pH regulator, Which encountered in daily life are illustrated as follows:
Application of feed additive:
Adding 0.1-0.2%1-2 kg / ton of SDA into the feed, the feed storage for a longer period of 1-2 months, adding 0.1-0.3% of SDA can makethe feed fresh keeping for about 3 to 5 months.
Application of nutritional seasoning:
Adding 0.05-0.2% of SDA into the compound pellet feed can increase 11% of the feed protein utilization rate. fish increased more than 10% of weight, piglet weight gain increased 6-8%, chicken, duck weight gain increased 6-10%, the weight gain of beef cattle was increased by 15% and feed intake generally increased 10-20%. The milk protein content of dairy cows can be improved effectively by adding proper amount in the feed of dairy cows.
Use as a disinfectant:
In aquatic feed add 0.1-0.2% of the SDA, can effectively control with the original micro-organisms due to fish disease patients, can be used for fish ponds to clarify the disinfectant; in poultry feed adding 0.05-0.3% of the SDA, prevention and treatment of chicken La dysentery, and improve the survival rate of the brooding period of more than 10%.
Dosage: for the customer feed situation and climate humidity. Above the use of specific users do not understand, please check the Lianyungang Shuren Kechuang Food Additive Co., Ltd production of sodium diacetate packaging instructions.
[packing and storage]:
With a plastic bag inside the package, with 1 sodium diacetate packaging, with the bag packaging, net weight is 25kg.
2, the storage of airtight, low temperature, moisture, sunscreen, do not with other basic substances and toxic mixture.
Foodgrade ,feed grade
Sodium acetate% 56.0-58.0 58.0-60.0
Moisture%   ≤2.0 ≤4.0
PH (10% water solution) 4.5-5.0 4.5-5.0
Formic acid and easy oxide%   ≤0.2 ≤0.2
Arsenic (As)%  ≤0.0003 ≤0.0006
Heavy metal (Pb)%  ≤0.0001  ≤0.002
[key features]:
A) mold corrosion effect is better than that of benzoic acid salts, the general dosage is 0.3-3g/kg.
B) does not change the characteristics of food, not affected by the food itself PH, participate in the body's metabolism, produce CO2 and H2O, can be seen as part of food, to maintain the original flavor and nutrition of food ingredients.
C) is widely used for all kinds of food preservative and in pharmaceutical, tobacco, paper, fresh fruits, feed and other industries also great application.
D) convenient and flexible operation, can be directly added can also be sprayed or impregnated.
E) sour soft, to overcome the unique stimulation of the smell of propionate.

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