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     Sodium diacetate, molecular formula for C4H7NaO4, and said second sodium acetate, sodium diacetate, trade name Vita-crop (Vita Cola wave) is a stable property, low price of new food feed mildew proof agent, acidity agent and modifying agent, by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for the safety of substances, has, the mold proofing, the anticorrosion, preservation, improving palatability, increase nutrition value, growth effect, is now widely used in livestock and poultry feed.

     Sodium diacetate is white crystal, with acetic acid odor, easily absorb moisture, easily soluble in water, heated to 150 DEG C above decomposition, with combustible, stable properties under dry and cool conditions. Sodium diacetate mainly depends on the molecular state the antibacterial effect of acetic acid decomposition, it has good immunity against bacteria and fungi. Sodium diacetate belongs to ADI material is not prescribed by the United States, FDA GRAS as material.

     Sodium diacetate as molecular sodium acetate and acetic acid compound, white hygroscopic crystalline solid, with acetic acid. Heated to more than 150 degrees Celsius decomposition, flammable. About lmL LG acetate is soluble in water, aqueous solution of 10% pH 4.5~5.0.

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